Frequently Asked Questions.

The following are some of the things that are prohibited from being offered on mnaada.

  • 1. Weapons of any kind, including guns.
  • 2. Illegal substances
  • 3. Organs from humans
  • 4. Copies obtained illegally
  • 5. Multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, and matrix programs
  • 6. Products that aren't allowed under the law 7 properties that have been stolen

The ads will be available on the site for a maximum of 6 months from the date of update before being automatically removed, unless you deactivate them. If you haven't sold them, you can update them at any time.

There are various reasons why moderators haven't accepted your ad.

  • 1. The photos you submitted are not yours and contain contact information.
  • 2. Because of user restrictions, pricing does not match the products.
  • 3. The image may have been previously shared by another user.

TTo leave feedback or report the seller's illegal conduct based on your Mnaada buying experience, scroll down within each ad and you'll see an option to leave feedback and a button to report abuse. Our team will be able to investigate the matter and take legal action as soon as you report abuse or provide feedback.

This is a service we provide for all types of sellers, but mostly for professional sellers and businesses who want to advertise their ad and reach more potential buyers in order to increase their sales.